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Geoviewer demo

GeoViewer Web Client
Featuring : WMS, WFS, WCS/CPS, CS-W (Catalog), OGC Map Contexts, local portrayal, Gazetteer, Annotations, Metadata and coordinates transform.

The GeoViewer is the RedSpider line default web client. It is developed on top of the RedSpider Studio GeoWidgets components. Building such a client can be achieved in less than 10 minutes using RedSpider Studio.

Warning : you need the Java2 plugin installed in your browser in order to run the demo.
Featuring : WMS, WFS, WCS/CPS, CS-W (Catalog), OGC Map Contexts, local portrayal, Gazetteer and Metadata. is a service offered by IONIC that allows you to discover OpenGIS/ISO interoperable geospatial resources. This service seamlessly links together all the actors of the geospatial web and is playing a key role as a member of the global geospatial community. is an example of the client application available in RedSpider Catalog product that can be easily customized using RedSpider Studio.

Gazetteer demo

Simple Gazetteer Client
Featuring : WMS, WFS, Gazetteer, GML

Build a map around a specified place. Enter a placename, select it in the list of results and get a map with your selected place and its surrounding area.

Featuring : WMS,WFS, Web Map Contexts and Ionic Web Development Kit

 The client build for the Geographical Information for Sustainable Development Initial Capabilities Project which is the first of a series of projects to help make geographic information more accessible and useful to decision makers working on sustainable development problems.

ESA Fire
Featuring : WMS, WFS, WMS Framework.

This demo uses IONIC's Web Feature Server on an Oracle 8i Spatial database to produce GML as a result of spatial and temporal queries. The features are "fires" detected by the ESA satellites and inserted as objects in the database. The base map is built using access through the IONIC WMS Framework to many distributed OpenGIS compliant Web Map Servers.

SVG on line
Featuring : SVG Renderer, Webservices

IONIC already use SVG for Web Mapping.

Test your own SVG file on-line. If you have an application generating SVG files, view them with through IONIC SVG renderer.

SVG demo
W3C implementation

WMS Enhancer
Featuring : WMS, Enhancer

Access information coming from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) EnviroMapper Server. IONIC built a WMS compatible interface on top of EPA servers allowing any WMS compliant client to access EnviroMapper maps and data and overlay them with other layers coming from other WMS servers.

GML Relay
Featuring : WFS, GML

That WFS-based site is the result to the GML Relay Day organized at the University of Wageningen (Netherlands) on June 2001 where a GML file was provided and has to be imported, visualized, edited and re-exported into GML by the participants.
IONIC was the winner of the contest

Featuring : WFS/WMS Framework

This application demonstrates the ease-of-ue of GML data with the IONIC framework. TDN GML data collection have been inserted into an Oracle 9i database and are served through a WFS interface using our WFS component. Results are rendered using predefined rules with our Portrayal component to produce GIF images to be shown in a web client