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Interoperability & Emergency Response,
IONIC and Disaster Management Ghislenghien, Belgium, July 30, 2004

DigitalGlobe Selects the IONIC RedSpider
for Its "NextView" Infrastructure [ More ]

IONIC participates
in the OGC PlugFest... [ More... ]

IONIC and Ordnance Survey
Plumbing for your Geo-business [ More ]

IONIC is growing...
with a new office in Paris and the addition of new sales staff. [more...]

IONIC Leads the Way
in Defining the WSDL/SOAP Bindings for the OpenGIS ® Specification Baseline [ more... ]

IONIC offers GIS software and engineering support...
...for DigitalGlobe's next-generation imaging satellite, WorldView. The new satellite, set to launch no later than 2006, will be the world’s highest resolution commercial imaging satellite with better agility, accuracy and collection capacity than any other known commercial system.

Showcasing its state-of-the-art technology,
IONIC Software is one of the main exhibitors at the 16th annual Geo Evenement being held in Paris, March 30th to April 1st...

IONIC Software Leads...
...the Global SDI Interoperability Movement Featured at GSDI 7 held in Bangalore, India [ more... ]

IONIC Enterprise and its partner, MCH, have been awarded a contract by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA, formerly NIMA) to supply geospatially-enabled data on critical facilities and captive population nodes, including hospitals, ambulance services, schools, nursing homes and other types of institutions. These data will become part of NGA's Homeland Security Infrastructure Program (HSIP) Database for use by Federal Agencies in their emergency planning process. [ Look at the Press Release ]

IONIC RedSpider Studio Powers the Geospatial One-Stop-Transportation Portal,
an e-gov inititative part of the NSDI of the US governement to improve citizen service. [ more... ]

University of Arkansas/ CAST Leveraging the Power of IONIC for Its OpenGIS Efforts
The University of Arkansas Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST), has established the "IONIC Center of Excellence" to demonstratrate the power of OpenGIS interoperability for the U.S. Geological Survey, the State of Arkansas, and others. CAST has been working with IONIC's RedSpider product line in a series of projects, atop its Oracle Spatial infrastructure and its multi-terabyte archive of vector and raster data, including extensive imagery.

RedSpider is OGC Compliant
RedSpider Web 3 has been recognised as OGC Compliant for both WMS 1.1.1 and WFS 1.0.0 interfaces. Let RedSpider helps you on the path to interoperability...

IONIC and Raytheon Provide OpenGIS WCS under the NASA Synergy IV Contract.
Under the requirements of the contract, IONIC will interface with the NASA developed HEG Tool Kit. This will extend IONIC's WCS engine and support a variety of HDF-based data formats within NASA data pools. IONIC plans the release of its OpenGIS WCS engine in RedSpider Web 3.1 product IONIC's out-of-the-box, easily-deployable, configurable portfolio of secure spatial web services, including support for WMS-SLD, WFS-T, WTS and WCS interfaces.

"With RedSpider Web 3, we could put our data online 15 days ahead of schedule."
The European Space Agency ( ) just released a new OGC WebService delivering MERIS images coming from the European satelite Envisat. MERIS allows environement monitoring. MERIS records surface reflectivity, and a wide variety of land surface coverings can be discerned in this way, from ice to forest, grassland to desert, ocean colors and polution. MERIS offers complete cover of the earth in 3 days at a 300m accuracy... The person in charge at ESA told us "With RedSpider Web 3, we could put the MERIS mosaic online in only two days, putting us 15 days ahead of schedule on our plan" read more...

IONIC has been selected by the Ordnance Survey
to integrate IONIC's robust and powerful OGC-based WFS server (RedSpiderWeb) that will produce GML in an e-commerce environment. This solution allows for dynamic, user-defined, geospatial data products to be priced, ordered, produced and delivered online to the customer in GML format.

IONIC announces the " RedSpider " product line
as the first commercial offering of OGC and ISO products. The first available product of the suite is the RedSpiderWeb. It is an out-of-the-box, easily-configurable portfolio of web services that is ready to be deployed to create an OGC/ISO infrastucture for your geo-business today!

OGC Launches OpenGIS Conformance Testing Initiative
CITE is the first of a series of initiatives addressing interoperability verification and validation. The expected outcome is an OGC-approved process by which software vendors can test and validate their products conformance with OGC's Web-based OpenGIS(R) Specifications. IONIC participates in this process.

IONIC provides geospatial components for the first worldwide 3G service
London - 18 September 2002 - Hutchison 3G UK Limited today announced agreements with five companies. The strong team includes Teleatlas, OS, whereonearth and IONIC to deliver the digital mapping technology and the location-based services to be offered to consumers under the "3" brand later this year. As they develop, location-based services will enable "3" customers to pinpoint their position on a digital map delivered to the 3G handset, then follow directions to services such as hotels, restaurants, shops and businesses using a detailed real-time display.
IONIC Software will deliver Java Components to produce maps, search and navigation in geo databases using the latest geospatial international standards such as Web Feature Server (WFS), GML and Web Map Server (WMS). IONIC also delivers advanced professional services. [read the full Press Release]

Nature GIS
IONIC Software is one of the main contracting participant together with JRC to the NATURE GIS project (IST Program) with the European Commission. This European thematic network project aims for distributed access to GI information about Protected Areas / Nature Preservation across European Countries (local, regional, state and EC levels). It has started in April 2002. It is a strategic project for EC policy for GI infrastructure adopting OGC/ISO standards.. See their WebSite