DigitalGlobe ( ) has signed an agreement with IONIC under its NextView contract with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency ( ). DigitalGlobe has purchased the entire IONIC RedSpider product line including RedSpider Web, RedSpider Studio, and RedSpider Catalog to implement an extensive OpenGIS-based architecture. In addition, DigitalGlobe has bought RedSpider Enterprise, which offers the most sophisticated Java API and geospatial enterprise application integration environment available, to integrate their internal business applications and imagery into a comprehensive and powerful spatial data infrastructure.

IONIC Enterprise's President, Christopher Tucker says, «We are excited by the opportunity to be involved in DigitalGlobe's enterprise-level integration of both current QuickBird operations and its future NextView needs. This project is ideally suited for IONIC's products and expertise. The DigitalGlobe team will benefit from the combination of J2EE and XML technologies, Oracle Spatial, and best-of-breed OpenGIS/ISO web services for an agile enterprise integration. IONIC's selection after a rigorous evaluation is proof of the strength of IONIC's product line.»

Mark Hargrove, DigitalGlobe's CIO notes of this selection «DigitalGlobe is excited to adopt an enterprise-class GIS solution to fulfill the requirements of the NextView contract and the long-term business strategy we have with the WorldView constellation. The DigitalGlobe team is pleased to come across a standards-based, enterprise-class vendor solution that can help us rapidly deploy applications that are seamlessly integrated into our enterprise infrastructure».

Under the requirements of the contract, IONIC will also be providing professional services in support of DigitalGlobe's WorldView program. These services will include product support, architectural consulting, and API-level code support.

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About Digital Globe

DigitalGlobe ( ) is building a constellation of high-resolution earth imaging satellites and a comprehensive geo-information product store -- -- that allows you to quickly access and order a wide variety of imagery and derivative information products, including our 60-centimeter panchromatic and 2.4-meter multispectral imagery--the highest resolution satellite imagery available commercially. All together, our data sources will represent the market's most robust collection of up-to-date spatial information.



IONIC is the world leader in interoperability location-based services, web-mapping, distributed geo-processing and imagery. The IONIC RedSpider product line is the most robust and complete suite of OpenGIS/ISO web services available today. IONIC is an active member of OGC and ISO TC211, with the biggest team of specialists dedicated to interoperable products in the world, and extensive expertise in the development of Java components for innovative, flexible and interoperable distributed applications. IONIC geo-enables thousands of users to connect to the emerging interoperable spatial data infrastructure.

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