IONIC Leads the Global SDI Movement Featured at GSDI 7


Vincent Dessard, IONIC Software Sales Director and ISO Delegate to the UN, presented IONIC's cutting-edge technology, products and projects during the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure 7th International Conference (GSDI 7) held in Bangalore, India. IONIC Software is the leading developer of geospatial solutions committed to following open and international standards (OGC and ISO).

Over 400 delegates including 115 international delegates from 36 countries attended the Conference, which was inaugurated by Dr K Kasturirangan, MP of the Parliament of India and former chair of the ISRO, the Indian Space Agency, on February 2, 2004. Dr. Kasturirangan was recently awarded the "Man of the Year" by the Centenarian Trust Foundation for his endeavours in the promotion of geospatial technologies.

At GSDI 7, IONIC Software demonstrated an interoperable Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) between web services in the USAID's GISD programme using an IONIC RedSpider Studio-based client created with the United Nations. The demo focused on IONIC's support of OGC-based technology, such as Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS), Web Coverage Service (WCS) and Geography Markup Language (GML) and ISO19115 Metadata.

The IONIC RedSpider product line is the first commercial solution to create an interoperable SDI based on standard international specifications.

In support of the advancement in world-wide SDI-building, Dr. Kasturirangan said, "Spatial Data Infrastructures will ultimately emerge as a major driver for impetus to development activities and also enable the emerge as a major driver for impetus to development activities and also enable the emergence of an information business sector that will promote economics and commerce activities."

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IONIC is the world leader in interoperable location-based services, web-mapping, and distributed geo-processing. IONIC is an active member of OGC and ISO TC211, with the biggest team of specialists dedicated to interoperable products in the world, and extensive expertise in the development of Enterprise Java components for innovative, flexible and interoperable distributed applications. IONIC offers revolutionary solutions for spatial data publishing and applications development.


The Geographic Information for Sustainable Development (GISD) initiative outlines a USAID-U.S . State Department-led international collaboration and alliance whose objective is to apply a new generation of earth observation data, state of the art GIS-linked technologies, and field-tested geographic knowledge to ongoing sustainable development problems in diverse target areas .

The GSDI Association is an inclusive organization of organizations, agencies, firms, and individuals from around the world. The purpose of the organization is to promote international cooperation and collaboration in support of local, national and international spatial data infrastructure developments that will allow nations to better address social, economic, and environmental issues of pressing importance.