IONIC's RedSpider Technology

IONIC's RedSpider Technology is Selected by Ordnance Survey for Revolutionary "Just-In-Time, On-Demand" Geospatial Data Provision

IONIC Software is supporting an innovative project at the Ordnance Survey by providing RedSpider Web Services technology for the delivery of web-based geographic information in an e-commerce environment. These services intend to enable all of OS's customers and partners to obtain MasterMap® data on-demand, resulting in beneficial time and costs savings.

The project, referred to as Project Magnesium, follows the success of the Project Pathfinder that proved the technical feasibility of publishing Ordnance Survey data (OS MasterMap®) in an e-business application via OpenGIS® compliant map and feature servers. IONIC Software provided the Open GIS compliant tools for Map and Feature serving for the Ordnance Survey Pathfinder project while the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany provided their web pricing and ordering service as the pricing mechanism component. The trial service was successfully accessed and validated at EDINA, Edinburgh University's Data Library.

IONIC now has stepped-up its commitment towards web-enabling the OS MasterMap® data in Project Magnesium by providing their robust and transactional Web Feature Service in the RedSpider Web product as the project's primary data serving solution. Project Magnesium participants (including Cadcorp, Dotted Eyes, ESRI, GDC and Infoterra, and Qinetiq) are able to test against the Ordnance Survey deployment of the RedSpider Web to ensure that their solutions are indeed compliant and interoperable with the Ordnance Survey GML schema.

The scope of this series of Ordnance Survey projects illuminates the opportunity to service and enable business processes to supply of OS MasterMap® data and has become a key part of the Ordnance Survey business strategy.

Commenting on the achievements of the project, Graham Vowles, Ordnance Survey Principal Consultant said, "In close collaboration with our partners we are building the technical case for on-demand supply of OS MasterMap® data. Open GIS standards based services, such as those implemented by IONIC RedSpider products, are increasingly enabling the just-in-time provision of geospatial data to our partners and customers."

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IONIC is the world leader in interoperable location-based services, Web-mapping and distributed geo-processing. The RedSpider product line, developed by IONIC, is the most robust and complete suite of services that implements international standards as defined by Open GIS Consortium and ISO tc211. IONIC offers revolutionary solutions for spatial data publishing and applications development.

About Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey is a government department founded in 1791, operating under legislation that dates back to 1841. It is responsible for the official, definitive surveying and topographic mapping of Great Britain. In 1990 Ordnance Survey was established as an Executive Agency and with effect from 1 April 1999 Ordnance Survey attained Trading Fund status under the provisions of the Government Trading Funds Act 1973, as amended.


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