RedSpider Studio

RedSpider Studio is a powerful geospatial portal development solution for distributed OpenGIS/ISO web services.

With the emerging global network of OpenGIS/ISO web services, developers now need tools for building geospatial portal applica-tions that integrate multi-source data for decision-support.

RedSpider Studio is the easiest and fastest way to build your OpenGIS portal.

  • Build a GeoPortal in 10 Minutes

    The GeoWizard simplifies and accelerates the construction of an OpenGIS/ISO geospatial web portal. Just select a presentation template and a set of functionalities to include in your client by answering a few questions. The GeoWizard then embeds the selected GeoWidgets from Studio to produce an application package that can be published on a web server.

  • Enhance Your Application for Decision-Support

    Take your portal to the next level of customization and development possibilities. Depending on your requirements, Studio provides options such as presentation tuning, usability enhancement and integration of specialized business functions.

  • Discover more GeoSpatial Content

    Studio is fundamentally based on OpenGIS/ISO interoperability specifications, which allows seamless connections to the ever-expanding community of OpenGIS/ISO web services. Using Studio's powerful tools, you can easily include sophisticated feature queries within your portal. Studio also offers the ability to connect to an OpenGIS Catalog to find even more geospatial content by keywords, geographic area, or taxonomies.

  • Usable by a Wide Range of Developers

    Studio's unique four tier architecture allows any level of developers to quickly integrate geospatial functionalities in their applications.To learn more, flip the page!

  • Take a Quick Tour

    The following link presents some extracts of RedSpider Studio documentation as a Flash animation. Once the slide show begins, click on images to go forward.
    Studio Documentation extract