The Red Spider Enterprise - Spatially Enabling Enterprise Applications

In a corporate environment, enterprise-wide access to geospatial information is strategic. Many applications need to access a common geospatial infrastructure for data integration, decision-making or other business critical applications.

RedSpider Enterprise offers the most extensive geospatial Java toolkit and component library on the market. It enables Enterprise Application Integration of powerful geospatial functionality with other business components, and its deployment within the most optimal enterprise architecture possible.

Standards-Based GML-Ready API

Natively based on ISOtc211 and OpenGIS standards, RedSpider Enterprise offers a complete Application Program Interface (API) that integrates over 130 interfaces and more than 500 public classes and business helpers to accelerate development work. This GML-intelligent API allows developers to build customized, interoperable and spatially enabled enterprise applications efficiently on a variety of platforms.

The API integrates the most advanced and adaptive GML Schema Type manager available on the market. Developers can easily discover, parse and on the fly understand even the most complex GML 3 Schemas.

Incorporating extensive Feature Collection and Feature Instances manipulation, WFS access, query building and Imagery processing, the RedSpider Enterprise API fuses dynamic capabilities, such as protocol negotiations and advanced portrayal, to allow creation of powerful applications that adapt to changing business conditions.

Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Environment

RedSpider Enterprise provides a solid integration foundation that allows geospatial information from different architectures to work together seamlessly. Implementing this solution lowers risks and dramatically reduces the cost of ownership of large J2EE applications.

RedSpider Enterprise offers the flexibility to incorporate local or remote data, using OGC standard protocols, and adapt them to create maps, reports or customized and integrated decision-making applications at any tier of the enterprise landscape.

Developing in this interoperable environment ensures successful delivery of enterprise-level applications that improve business performance. Seamless access to OpenGIS remote Web Services or to local data is completely transparent to the developer allowing rapid deployment or change without impact on the corporate landscape. Regardless of whether you choose to develop your enterprise business logic inside WebServices, JSP or EJBs, RedSpider Enterprise provides fine-grained access and control of geospatial objects to streamline effective development.

Massively Scalable

RedSpider Enterprise is used on systems that currently support hundreds of concurrent users in 24x7x365 operational mode by employing EJBs in vast J2EE architectures.

Utilizing technologies such as JCA, JMS, JDBC and JMX on applications servers such as WebLogic, WebSphere or JBoss, RedSpider Enterprise offers an extensible environment for any platform. Designed to scale vertically and horizontally with the application server cluster deployment, IONIC technology expands to fit your organization in any direction of growth.

IONIC Red Spider Enterprise is the most comprehensive OpenGIS/ISO based geospatial development platform.

Java API

Extensive Java API

More than 270 interfaces and 230 public "enterprise enabled" classes, tools, and helpers,

Robust, scalable, serializable, re-entrant, thread safe Java,

Access to remote or local WFS, WMS, WCS and CS-W (Catalog),

Complex GML and Feature manipulation API,

Sophisticated and extensible portrayal functions,

Coverage and Multiband grid manipulation API,

Coverage Portrayal Service and SLD,

OpenGIS Filter builder,

Transactional WFS API,

Capabilities management,

Any feature type definition and manipulation,

Strong type and semantic support, multiple namespace support,

One sole API, multiple implementations (HTTP remote, local : direct connection to the underlying datastore) and EJB.

Coordinate Transform

Over 1000 coordinate transformation support, including Albers Conical, Equi Cylindrical, Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area, Lambert Conformal ConicMercator, Mollweide, Oblique Stereographic, Orthographic, Polar Stereographic, Polyconic, Transverse Mercator & UTM.

GML Support

GML2 and GML3 on the fly schema parsing and understanding,

GML 2 and 3 reading and writing,

GML and ISO 19107 geometries,

GML / ISO19109 feature model,

Feature factories for creating memory Feature/FeatureCollection instances.

Metadata Support

ISO 19115 metadata.

ISO 19139 XML support.

Remote Resource Access

Access to any OpenGIS Web feature Service WFS,

Access to any OpenGIS Web Map Service WMS,

Access to any OpenGIS Web Coverage Service WCS,

Access to any OpenGIS Catalog Service-Web access (WRS),

All capabilities support,

Negotiation with services of any version,

HTTP-GET, HTTP-POST, (OGC profiles for WSDL / SOAP coming soon).

Local Resources Access

Local database access (Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, ArcSDE, Postgres, etc...),

Local access to Imagery (Tiff, geoTiff, PNG, BIL, Spot),

Shapefile, local GML files, flat files,

Configurable database <-> feature type mapping.

EJB (in Roadmap)

Expose OGC interfaces semantic through EJB,

WMS Stateless Session Bean,

WFS Stateless Session Bean,

Portrayal Stateless Session Bean,

WCS Session Bean EJB,

JCA support provides FeatureService, MapService, CoverageService as J2EE resources. Also adds distributed transaction (XA) support to the WFS and WRS.


Synchronous logging to XML file or JDBC,

Asynchronous logging through JMS


Gazetteer, buffering, JTS geometry handling, customizable portrayal and symbology librairies,

Comes with Studio API and helpers, taglibs, widgets and templates, classes and development capabilities.


Application servers and servlet engines : Weblogic, Websphere, Oracle 9iAS and JBoss EJB containers,

Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Most Unix and Linux, Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP

J2EE 1.4

Databases: Oracle 8i, 9i Spatial, 10g, ArcSDE, Postgres Spatial, Shapefiles, GML,...