The IONIC RedSpider product line is the most complete suite of interoperable products available today that implement full OpenGIS and ISO architectures out-of-the-box.

What do you need?

Interoperable Exchange and Publishing of GeoSpatial information with OpenGIS/ISO

IONIC RedSpider Web allows you to publish geospatial data in standard (OpenGIS and ISO) web services.

RSWeb RedSpider Web
The native OpenGIS web service product to publish geospatial information on the web
Latest Release: 3.2.0

Develop a Portal Integrating Geospatial Features

IONIC RedSpider Studio is designed to develop or integrate a geospatial dimension in your application or portal.

RedSpider Studio
The geospatial portal development kit based on OpenGIS and ISO standards
Latest Release: 3.1

Manage and Organize your GeoSpatial information

IONIC RedSpider Catalog helps you to manage metadata and register OpenGIS/ISO services in a catalog that allows multiple types of queries.

RSCatalog.gif RedSpider Catalog
The e-business solution to register and discover geographic information over the Internet
Latest Release: 2.1.1

Develop Robust Java Application with a complete fine grain Java Api for GML and other OGC Standards

IONIC RedSpider Enterprise will help you build your Geographic Application Integration inside the Enterprise and will help you increase your performance while decreasing your cost of ownership.

RedSpider Enterprise

RedSpider Enterprise
The ultimate OGC/ISO Enterprise Java Development Environment with full Java API for GML and WFS.

Latest Release: 3.0